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PPC Ad Copy Testing – Stand Out From The Crowd


Today, PPC ad copy is starting to look so generic. Retailers know what shoppers want the most: coupons, free shipping, and sales. Therefore, you get ads with the keyword in the headline, and ad copy that says “Free Shipping Over $x” or “Huge Sale” or “Save using ‘C461’ Code At Checkout!”. Granted these ads work (they do, seriously), they get boring after a while, especially when all PPC ads look the same.

That said, let’s stand out from the crowd for once (it’s funny I use ‘stand out from the crowd’, as I use the most generic stock image ever). I’ve been testing a lot of off-the-wall ad copy testing lately, but I wanted to go to the extreme. Google gave me $100 Adwords credit, and now that I have a new website live, I thought I’d put it to use.

So here we go… let’s experiment on Google’s dime. I’m bidding on keywords that I think would be relevant to my business – this is what the two ads are going to look like:

Which ones will win? And by win, I would like to say “convert more” but we have $100 to spend with some high CPCs, let’s just say the winner will have a higher CTR. I’ve got money on the ‘Tron’ ad. That programmer guy – he was one smooth dude (you know who I’m talking about).

I’ll post the results after I run through the $100. Awesome.

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