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Google’s April Fools Joke


Har har Google.

We’re one hour into the month of April. It didn’t take long to be reminded of April Fools Day! Here comes the onslaught of internet companies and their gags. Didn’t take long to find this year’s Google joke. Just Google something, and you might see what I’m talking about. Hurry, who knows how long it will stay live (well, maybe 24 hours… but who knows).

The link in the autocomplete leads to a job posting for an autocompleter:

It’s funny… the first thing that stood out was the 32K WPM and working off site from Tuvalu. (that’s an island between Hawaii and Austrailia… yeah).

They even went as far to create a video:

I love it. April Fools Day!

For a historical list of Google’s April Fools gags dating back to 2000, you might enjoy reading on:

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