First Looks Agency Goes Digital

First Looks Agency hires Sawtooth Media to help their client, Carrier Clinic, increase search engine visibility.

An Old-School Powerhouse…

First Looks Agency is a full service ad agency located in Plainfield, NJ. They provide a full inventory of marketing solutions to grow SMBs through advertising, web design, email marketing, direct mail, cable, radio, print, outdoor, graphic design and event promotion.

..Moving Into the Digital Age

Over the past several years, First Looks had noticed a consumer shift towards the web. While they have many years of offline advertising experience, First Looks didn’t have the search engine marketing and optimization knowledge readily available, but wanted to offer these services. Offering custom search engine marketing strategies to their clients would enable them to expand their offerings and win more business.

Bona-fide Results

Sawtooth Media partnered with First Looks and set out to build, implement, and optimize a custom search engine marketing campaign for Carrier Clinic, a client of First Looks Agency. Carrier Clinic, a mental health psychiatric hospital located in Belle Mead, NJ, was looking to drive qualified traffic to their website. Since being introduced to the account in Q2 2010, Sawtooth Media has increased traffic and qualified leads; during Q4 of 2010, Carrier Clinic enjoyed the highest 3 months of web traffic in their website’s 10 year history.

Some Kind Words

Courtney Dicely, President of First Looks Agency, writes: “There are SEM campaigns and then there are Sawtooth SEM campaigns. Don’t be fooled by SEM “lights” – they don’t produce the same results and allow for true partnership needed between your marketing department and someone who is managing your search engine marketing programs. Greg has done a great job with our client, Carrier Clinic. I’ll continue to revisit Sawtooth Media again and again.”

We Can Do It for You, Too

Thanks to Sawtooth Media, First Looks Agency is able to offer their clients a new set of tools to fulfill their online marketing needs. Sawtooth Media can provide you with search engine marketing solutions to help win more clients this year.

Partner with Sawtooth Media and take your clients to the web

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