Comparison Shopping Engines

Calling all retailers! Hiring a CSE marketing consultant might be your solution to finding new customers at a profitable ROI.

Marketing For The Retailer!

If you’re an e-commerce site with a well-rounded marketing department, you’re probably familiar with comparison shopping engines, also known as CSEs or ‘shopping portals’. You’re also probably aware of the amount of revenue they can drive for your business. If the term comparison shopping engines is new to you, no sweat. Relative to SEM and SEO, CSEs get little airplay. CSEs refer to websites that allow online shoppers to compare the prices for specific products sold by different retailers. Some examples of comparison shopping engine programs are Google Product Search,, Shopzilla, Nextag, Amazon Product Ads, and Bing Shopping.

… But There’s a Lot to It

The best way to explain running a CSE program for an internet retailer goes like this: it’s like search engine marketing. But instead of running ads on three search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing), you’ll be running ads on 7+ shopping engines. And instead of bidding on keywords, you’ll be bidding on products. Sounds easy, but it’s a bit more complicated. To list your products in various CSEs, typically you take a data feed, which is essentially a spreadsheet containing your product catalog, and you upload it to each CSE. After that, it’s a matter of optimizing your feed, updating taxonomies and product attributes, optimizing your accounts by changing bid amounts, filtering products in and out of your feed you send to each feed, implementing and testing marketing messages, etc.

A No-hassle, Customized Campaign

As you might have thought or even discovered first hand, keeping up with data feeds on a consistent basis; updating, fixing, and optimizing feeds consistently is a busy job. If you’re thinking about running a CSE program for your website for the first time, trying to familiarize yourself to the CSE industry can be especially daunting. Enter Sawtooth Media. When you partner with Sawtooth Media, we’ll discuss your goals, audit your store, and put together a customized CSE strategy based around your best interests.

Find out how Sawtooth Media can help your CSE efforts.

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