Pay Per Click Marketing

Hiring a PPC marketing consultant might be your solution to finding a profitable acquisition channel.


If you have a devoted amount of advertising budget put towards online advertising, and you’re thinking about running some ads on search engines… you’re headed in the right direction. Relative to traditional advertising and other internet marketing channels, a well-managed search engine marketing campaign is likely to be amongst your most cost-efficient marketing channels. However, acquiring the SEM know-how to the level that will bring you great results is something that can be time consuming and exhausting.

Custom-Fitted Campaigns

Enter in myself and Sawtooth Media. When you partner with Sawtooth Media, you get a full-service, 100% customizable search engine marketing strategy based around your goals, your objectives, and your budget. Some of the services I provide are keyword builds, ad copy creation and testing, campaign organization and strategy, keyword bidding strategies, as well as custom reporting. I also have the knowledge to implement site analytics to track how visitors arriving from search engines and other sources interact with your site.

Better With Age

It’s my philosophy that a search engine marketing campaign isn’t a one-and-done relationship. In order for a search engine marketing to really work magic, it must be fine tuned over an extended period of time. It also must be monitored as search trends change constantly throughout the year. A professionally built search engine marketing campaign is like a fine wine, it gets better with age.

Find out how Sawtooth Media can assist your PPC efforts.

Become More Cost-Efficient

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