Search Engine Optimization

Hiring an SEO marketing consultant might be your solution to attract traffic to your site.

Search Engines Rule…

You have a website. But you’d probably agree that having a website isn’t enough. More and more, consumers are relying on search engines to provide them with information they need to make informed decisions: where to eat, what to buy, how to get there. Having a website today is no longer the bare minimum. Once considered to be an alternative tactic for your business, implementing a search engine optimization strategy is becoming more and more standard amongst companies with an interest in reaching their customers and expanding their web presence.

… So Take Advantage of Them

Simply put, search engine optimization describes techniques implemented on and off your website that helps you drive more traffic to your website based on visibility in the web’s search engines. Creating and implementing an SEO strategy is complex process. With the right touch, proper research, and some hard work, a professional SEO campaign can have a big impact on the amount of incoming business.

A Tailored Approach

When you partner with Sawtooth Media, you get a full-service, 100% customizable search engine optimization strategy based around your goals, your objectives, and your budget. When working together, it’s not only important for you to see increases in website and traffic performance, it’s important for me to inform and educate you on how the optimizations I make impact your business, and how to make decisions based off trends we might discover. Some of the services I provide are keyword research, competitive analysis, title and meta tag optimization, link building, content creation, and custom reporting. I also have the knowledge to implement site analytics to track how visitors arriving from organic listings interact with your site, essential to testing and optimizing your SEO strategy.

Gets Better With Age

It’s my philosophy that implementing search engine optimization tactics aren’t something that can be built, launched, and forgotten about. In order for a search engine optimization campaign to really work its magic, it must be fine tuned over an extended period of time. Just like a search engine marketing campaign, a professionally built search engine optimization strategy gets better with age.

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Dominate the Search Results

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