The Consultant

Collaborating with one another might just be the magic formula you're looking for.

2 Heads are Better Than 1

You have lots of different business ideas and you’re involved in many different projects. You wear many hats, to say the least. Sometimes you work individually; sometimes you take on a partner. It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. As you’ve probably found out, when you partner with someone on a project, you learn more, deliver better results, and get more done.

Of Course I’m Interested

If you look at the bottom of every LinkedIn profile page, there’s a contact setting profile that lists each user’s interest in starting and growing relationships. For instance, on the bottom of my LinkedIn profile page it shows I’m interested in ‘career opportunities’, ‘new ventures’, ‘business deals’, ‘job inquiries’, etc. I am always open to new project collaboration, discussing consulting offers, and discussing anything business related. While my core concentration is in SEM, SEO, and CSEs, I have a wide range of skill sets.

Let’s Talk…

Since I started working in the internet marketing field, I’ve been fortunate to meet and get to know a lot of people. I love having conversations about what the internet was like in 1998, recent web mergers and acquisitions, and how the internet is changing the way businesses run today. If you have a project you’re working on, a business plan you need refined, or an off the wall idea, I’d love to hear it! Collaborating on a project with each other might just be the magic formula to getting your idea off the ground.

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